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European-Humanist Educational Foundation Waldenburg

The European Humanist Educational Foundation Waldenburg was established in 2007. It supports the facilities of the sponsor of the European Grammar School Waldenburg and has set itself the following goals, among others:

Natural and social science subjects are to be taught in a foreign language, and school partnerships are to be expanded. In the long term, we want to enable our pupils to spend years abroad in Europe, which would be recognised as a completed school year. In contrast to the current situation, school years would then not have to be completed twice. In addition to the existing language certificates, further internationally recognised qualifications are to be offered.

The Foundation is committed to projects that bring pupils into contact with the world of higher education and business. In this way, they can develop an understanding of their future path at an early stage and thus take their further education into their own hands in a more targeted manner.

Scholarships are intended to enable pupils from socially disadvantaged families to participate in school life on a permanent basis. In addition, highly gifted or culturally and socially oriented German pupils as well as promising foreign pupils are to be supported. The foundation also wants to support the further education of the pedagogical staff.

To realise these and other purposes, the founding donors - all citizens of our region - have raised a foundation capital of 55,000 EUR, which has grown to 68,000 EUR in the meantime. The foundation's assets are managed by the foundation's board of directors. The foundation capital may not be touched; the foundation's goals can only be pursued with the income generated from the capital. Since the Foundation's capital is still too small to realise the aforementioned goals, additional donors are being sought. Sub-foundations can be made tax deductible. It is possible to establish and manage further foundations under the umbrella of the Foundation.

Board of Directors:

  • RA Harald Evers, LL.M. (Chairman), MOOG Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB, Dresden (graduate of the first Abitur class of 1998)
  • Stephan Grünwald,Head of International Educational Cooperation and Organisation of the supporting association Europäisches Gymnasium Waldenburg e.V. since 1994
  • Senta Grüttner, Head of the Finance Division of the sponsoring association Europäisches Gymnasium Waldenburg e.V.
  • Steve Uhlig, founder and owner Uhlig Gallery Leipzig


Board of Trustees


  • Michael Schönfeld (Chairman), Headmaster European Grammar School Waldenburg
  • RA Reinhard Lochmann (Vice-Chairman), Lochmann & Partner Glauchau, Founding member of the European Schools' governing body
  • Nadine Kahnt, dipl. Architect FH ETH, Graduate of the first baccalaureate year 1998, Zürich
  • Bauconzept Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Lichtenstein in Sachsen (Contact: GF Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Bert Hoffmann)
  • Bernd Pohlers, Mayor of the pottery town of Waldenburg, Co-founder of the EHB Foundation
  • Michael J. Thate, DAIMLER AG, Graduate of the first baccalaureate year 1998, Stuttgart,
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dietrich R.T. Zahn, Professorship of Semiconductor Physics at Chemnitz University of Technology


Harald Evers - Chairman